Episode 6 released !

September 17, 2013

The last episode of the Season 1 is now available on Steam ! You can also get the Whole Season Pack !


Episode 5 released !

October 30, 2012

Winter Voices is now back on steam, and the new episode 5 is now released ! Check our order page.


Winter Voices is back !

January 18, 2012

The game is now developed by Inner Seas SARL.

artwork artwork artwork artwork artwork artwork artwork artwork Various artworks, realistic and poetic, in the guideline of our projects.
Balthazar talks about his music:
'' I looked for inspiration to Nordic artists like Fever Ray, Björk and many others I admire like Nine Inch Nails, Amon Tobin or Emilie Simon to create Winter Voices music. The battles' music reflects the intense emotions of the young character and the dreamlike atmosphere in which they take place. The nightmarish disorientation is translated by waves of electronic music, drums and intangible sounds. In adventure mode, the instruments used are clearly recognizable: piano, guitars, related to classical, rural and traditional world. The music in Winter Voices is part of the special atmosphere we wanted to create.''